There is no doubt that our experience inside our vehicles is changing. Autonomous driving will be a part of our driving future, but what won’t change is our desire to be entertained, informed and connected, whether we’re behind the wheel or simply along for the ride. At CES 2019, innovators from around the globe painted their visions of a connected, entertaining, productive and life-changing commute. Despite all the technologies introduced in the last decade, human/vehicle interaction is in its infancy. What are the next advancements that will transform our time in the car? Who leads the way? How will these advancements protect security and privacy? Will these technologies be standardized and open? How will connected vehicle services be monetized? How will in-car advertising be governed? Join us as we discuss the future of the vehicle experience and what we can expect.

Schedule & Location

11:30 AM Registration
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 Moderator’s Introduction
1:45 Opening Remarks by Panelists
3:00 Questions for the Panel
4:00 Closing Remarks by the Moderator
4:10 - 5:30 Reception & Networking

(NEMPA's Annual Awards Dinner begins at 5:30 PM, also in the MIT Media Lab.)

MIT Media Lab
75 Amherst St
Cambridge, MA 02139

Attendance for the conference is open to accredited members of the media, members of the auto industry, and university students and faculty. The NEMPA Annual Awards Dinner is for NEMPA members only


Thanks to the generous underwriting of these companies, NEMPA is able to produce this conference and the awards banquet that follows it: