Jon Coleman – Ford Smart Mobility

Dr. Jon Coleman is Director, City Solutions, Ford Smart Mobility, LLC. He leads Ford’s mobility policy and strategy efforts to engage municipalities in the implementation of solutions that address growing urban mobility needs. He plays a key role in connecting Ford’s internal capabilities and thought leadership with external partners to increase accessibility to everyone moving in and around cities and to the goods they need.

Jon has been involved with sustainability at Ford for more than 20 years working to embed advanced technologies into products and services. He has represented Ford at venues such as the United Nations, TED, the Clinton Global Initiative and the Academy of Management. His passion for sustainability is evident in his research focusing on how large organizations engage in sustainable behavior and how that decision making process can be embedded in an organization’s day–to-day operations. Jon’s view of sustainability goes far beyond “green” to include human rights, urban mobility and societal well-being, embracing the ideal that true sustainability involves “doing more good, not doing less bad.”

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Ohio State, his Master’s degree in Finance from Xavier and his Doctorate in Management from Case Western Reserve University.