The race to autonomous vehicles has bigger stakes than most realize. The future literally rides on the artificial intelligence that is being developed and tested - to not only drive our vehicles, but our lives.
The technology is disruptive, but it is here. How it shapes the future holds the potential for prosperity, power, and corporate dominance. While some debate if consumers truly want this technology, a bigger picture is coming into focus. Companies are spending billions of dollars to insure that they can maintain a sustainable business model through the year 2050 and beyond.
But is this artificial intelligence technology safer than human intelligence? Will it really make our lives more convenient? And, is it worth the privacy risks?
How and when will this transition to autonomous and connected vehicles actually occur? Will the government mandate or regulate these technologies in the name of safety? What rights or protections does the consumer have?
Please join us as we discuss the autonomous vehicle technology race, how we plan to get there, and who is driving.

Schedule & Location

11:30 AM Registration
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 Moderator’s Introduction
1:45 Opening Remarks by Panelists
3:00 Questions for the Panel
4:00 Closing Remarks by the Moderator
4:10 - 5:30 Reception & Networking

(NEMPA's Annual Awards Dinner begins at 5:30 PM, also in the MIT Media Lab.)

MIT Media Lab
75 Amherst St
Cambridge, MA 02139

Attendance for the conference is open to accredited members of the media, members of the auto industry, and university students and faculty. The NEMPA Annual Awards Dinner is for NEMPA members only


Thanks to the generous underwriting of these companies, NEMPA is able to produce this conference and the awards banquet that follows it: